Qsources is a Siemens Simcenter solutions parter. The Simcenter-Qsources product range (previously known as LMS-Qsources) consists of state-of-the-art shakers & sound sources and other excitation hardware distributed in exclusive cooperation with Siemens  PLM.  This gives Siemens’ clients the benefit of seamless hardware integration into the measurement chain.

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The Simcenter-Qsources portfolio consists of:


Q-MSH  –  Miniature shaker

Simcenter Qsources miniature shaker enables dynamic excitation when conventional shakers have no access and impact hammers are unpractical. The miniature shaker is especially suitable for those who plan to perform experimental modal analysis (EMA), transfer path analysis (TPA) and/or frequency-based substructuring (FBS).

Q-ISH    – Integral shaker

The Simcenter Qsources hardware integral shaker is an excitation solution for measuring structural and vibroacoustic frequency response functions (FRF) in narrow spaces. 

Q-TMP  – Thumper shaker

The Simcenter Qsources hardware thumper shaker is a compact, lowfrequency shaker intended for frequency response function (FRF) acquisition in the 5- to 200-hertz (Hz) range. The shaker typically replaces instrumented sledgehammer applications, and is used when hammer excitation is not possible due to space constraints.

Q-HSH – High frequency shaker

The Simcenter Qsources hardware high frequency shaker has been developed to perform highly repeatable, high-frequency structural excitation in a minimum of space. It provides excitation, but with extremely low mass and stiffness loading of the test object.

Q-IND  – Miniature volume source

The miniature volume source has been developed to acquire acoustic FRFs at low and mid frequencies without disturbing the acoustic sound field by its presence. Its miniature size allows accurate acoustic transfer function measurements around intake and exhaust nozzles for airborne source quantification techniques.

Q-LMF  – Low-/Mid-frequency volume source

The Simcenter Qsources hardware lowmid frequency source is used for producing high noise levels, more than sufficient for the excitation of complete vehicles. The integrated volume acceleration sensor gives realtime feedback of the emitted source strength and can be used as a reference for frequency response functions (FRFs) measurements without any postprocessing.

Q-MHF –  Mid-/High-frequency volume source

The Simcenter Qsources hardware midhigh frequency source is a general use monopole volume acceleration source with internal reference sensors to measure mid- and high-frequency frequency response functions (FRFs). Automotive original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) use these acoustic monopole sources for dedicated investigations, such as transfer path analysis (TPA), airborne source quantification (ASQ) and other noise, vibration and harshness (NVH) related measurements and analyses. These sources are also to used by full vehicle NVH departments for validation of the high-frequency sound package of a vehicle body.

Q-MED – Low frequency monopole source

The Simcenter Qsources hardware low frequency monopole source has been designed to measure vibro-acoustic transfer functions in and around vehicles. The sound source level in combination with the frequency range makes this source a versatile measurement device designed to meet the needs of noise, vibration and harshness (NVH) research and development departments.

Q-AMP – Measurement amplifier (230V & 115V version available)

The Simcenter Qsources hardware measurement amplifier has been designed to power all Simcenter Qsources structural and acoustic exciters.