• Dodecahedron Sound source building acoustics room acoustics measurements
  • NVH acoustic measurements Siemens LMS
  • Measuring sound power, sound pressure, monopole sound power reference soure
  • Siemens Simcenter LMS-Qsources shaker and volume sources
  • Qsources sound sources Infra-Qsources ISO9001 Qoms1

Qsources is a highly specialised company, leading in smart noise and vibration excitation technology.

The assortment of Qsources consists of two product ranges for different markets:

Highly portable and very powerful sources for efficient on-site testing for the well being in buildings and working environments. Infra-Qsources proposes accurate and lightweight omni-directional sources, low frequency sources and reference sound power sources. Sales supported by, and in cooperation with, a range of distribution partners worldwide.



Qsources compact integrated shakers, volume velocity monopole sources help generate a higher level of comfort and efficiency on vehicles, aircraft, etc. Many of the Simcenter-Qsources products have become the standard equipment for specialized NVH tests in the automotive industry world wide. The Simcenter-Qsources products are marketed in exclusive cooperation with Siemens  PLM.