• Dodecahedron Sound source building acoustics room acoustics measurements
  • NVH acoustic measurements Siemens LMS
  • Measuring sound power, sound pressure, monopole sound power reference soure
  • Siemens Simcenter LMS-Qsources shaker and volume sources
  • Qsources sound sources Infra-Qsources ISO9001 Qoms1



This range includes highly portable and very powerful monopole and dodecahedron sound sound & amplifiers for efficient on-site testing of building or room acoustics, supporting a quiet living and working environment.

Infra-Qsources proposes accurate and lightweight omni-directional sources, powerful sources with low frequency capability for a wide range of sound & vibration measurements, as well as sound power reference sources for measurements of machinery noise.

The Infra-Qsources range is marketed by Qsources worldwide in close cooperation with a large network of distribution partners.


A range of integrated shakers and volume velocity monopole for efficient NVH testing.
Simcenter Qsources products include extreme compact size and high output levels and are applied worldwide to generate a higher level of comfort and efficiency on vehicles, aircraft and other automotive, aerospace or military applications.

Several Simcenter Qsources (formerly known as LMS-Qsources) products have become the standard equipment for specialized NVH tests in the automotive industry world wide.

This range is marketed in exclusive cooperation with Siemens Digital Industries Software.

Sound sources, Shakers & Amplifiers
for sound & vibration measurements

Made in

Founded in 1992, Qsources
is rooted in Belgium


Unique Lorenz Drive systems &
self-suspending shakers

ISO Requirements

Going beyond to ensure a comfortable, healthy and safe acoustic environment.

Research &

A continuous process, driven by requests for new and tailor-made solutions

What our clients say

High accuracy gives confidence

The high accuracy of the Qoms2 speaker gives me confidence in my measurement results, whereas its elegant and professional appearance alone astonishes and satisfies the clients: a good start for all consultancy projects.”

Attila Balazs Nagy, Reziduum Ltd.

Very positive expierence

The experiences have been very positive; small size, easy handling weight, high sound power, high stability of the power during prolonged use, maximum achievable omni-directionality”

Prof. Dr. Gerrit Vermeir, Catholic University Leuven Belgium

No restrictions in measurements

We were very impressed with the weight of Qohm. The high reliability of Qsources Qohm and its very low weight and power provide no restriction for students to deal with various size or insulated sites.”

Dr. Thomas Delaunay, University of Montpellier, France

Product applications