on Qsources

Leading in noise and vibration excitation technologyQsources  has been developing and producing sound sources, shakers, sensors, etc. from 1992 onwards:

Some Qsources products have become the standard equipment for specilized NVH tests in the automotive industry world wide.

Building-acoustics sound sources which are by far the lightest on the market, with a performance level exceeding others.


Specialization and fast innovation has lead to proprietary and patented technologies in our products:

               Efficient and powerful Lorenz drive systems in shakers and sound sources

               Fully integrated high resolution sensors in sources and shakers

               Unique self-suspending shakers with 6 degrees of freedom decoupling suspension systems

               Power flow sensing for fast acting overload protection for sources and shakers  

               And more to come.


Two product ranges for two markets:

Infra-Qsources*         Sound sources for building-, industry- and environmental-acoustics, etc. 

                                     In cooperation with a group of partners worldwide.

LMS Qsources*          Sensor integrated self-suspending shakers and sensor integrated sound sources

                                         For automotive, aerospace, electronics, etc.  In cooperation with Siemens plm.