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Qsources is a highly specialised company, leading in smart noise and vibration excitation technology.

The company was founded in 1992 by Peter van der Linden (Msc.) and is rooted in Belgium. Thanks to the expertise in NVH testing, a strong partner network and fast product innovations, Qsources has been accepted in a wide range of industries, institutes and universities worldwide with its specialised equipment

The mission of Qsources is to propose the highest level of noise and vibration excitation solutions, enabling engineers worldwide to perform the most accurate and fastest measurements or enabling them to accommodate a comfortable, healthy and safe acoustic environment. 

Research & Development is a continuous process within Qsources. Driven by requests for  new and tailor-made solutions for our clients and partners.

Specialization and fast innovation has lead to proprietary and patented technologies in our products:

  • Efficient and powerful Lorenz drive systems in shakers and sound sources
  • Fully integrated high resolution sensors in sources and shakers
  • Unique self-suspending shakers with 6 degrees of freedom decoupling suspension systems
  • Power flow sensing for fast acting overload protection for sources and shakers  
  • And more to come

The assortment of Qsources consists of two product ranges for different markets:

Highly portable and very powerful sources for efficient on-site testing for the well being in buildings and working environments. Infra-Qsources proposes accurate and lightweight omni-directional sources, low frequency sources and reference sound power sources. Sales supported by, and in cooperation with, a range of distribution partners worldwide.

Qsources compact integrated shakers, volume velocity monopole sources help generate a higher level of comfort and efficiency on vehicles, aircraft, etc. Many of the Simcenter-Qsources products have become the standard equipment for specialized NVH tests in the automotive industry world wide. The Simcenter-Qsources products are marketed in exclusive cooperation with Siemens  PLM.