Qsources structural excitation solution

Extension of Polytec’s portfolio with a Qsources structural excitation solution

Polytec was founded in 1967 in Germany as a distributor for optical measurement technology in industrial and research markets. Today the Polytec group has about 400 employees, 12 international facilities and 25 distribution partners in 60 countries and specializes in the technological fields of Vibrometry, Velocimetry, 3D Surface Metrology, Process Analytics, Image Processing and other optical systems.

Polytec today announced that it will include the Qsources Qlws lightweightshaker and dedicated amplifier Qma as part of the product range aimed at providing Optical Vibration Measurement solutions.

“Qsources electrodynamic shakers are the ideal complement to Polytec’s non-contact vibration measurement systems. With Qsources’ patented technology, we are able to offer our customers an easy-to-use, highly accurate and compact excitation source for their vibration investigations” commented by Eric Winkler, Vice President and Head of the Business Unit Optical Measurement Systems at Polytec.

Qsources, located in Belgium, is focusing on both structural and airborne smart excitation technology. The sensor integrated and patented excitation solutions are used in various challenging applications.  Across electronics, medical, automotive, aero-space, household, defence, room acoustics,…  various application domains are covered. Through its solutions, and way of working, Qsources hopes to contribute to a comfortable, healthy and safe environment. 

The Qsources Qlws lightweightshaker is a patented self-suspending, self-aligning dynamic decoupled electromagnetic shaker specifically developed to carry out consistent repeatable structural excitation in a limited space. The Qlws shaker is combined with the dedicated Qma single channel amplifier allows for consistent, repeatable and accurate transfer function measurements.

“It is impressive to see the possibilities created by non-contact surface scanning in combination with controlled excitation. We are looking forward to work with Polytec.  The different areas of application covered by Polytec’s Optical Measurement division allow a significant extension of the reach of our excitation solutions. This further builds on our goal of supporting our customers to efficiently improve their products” stated Peter van der Linden, founder and managing director of Qsources.

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