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Infra-Qsources Equipment Rental

Impress your clients using state-of-the art Infra-Qsources equipment.

Use the most lightweight equipment: no worries taking your equipment on-site & enjoy the easy set-up or simply try the Infra-Qsources sound sources & amplifiers for your project prior to purchase.

Infra-Qsources rental equipment allows you to use specific, “niche” measurement equipment for projects you don’t have to do on a routine basis.

Qsources developed a custom miniature Wind tunnel reference sound source for TU Delft Aeroacoustics & Wind Energy Research Group.

QindW is a custom miniature sound source with very low diffraction and excellent omni-directionality. A narrow and long design allows minimal impact on the flow and minimal feedback from the flow on the source output.

This Low Turbulence Tunnel experiment was part of the NWO-TTW THAMES project: Towards High-Reynolds Airfoil self-noise MEasurementS. The goal was to understand how to improve noise measurements in closed wind tunnels, with particular application to wind turbine blade noise studies. 


ISO9001:2015 Certification

Following the audit of SGS, a leading company in inspection, verification, testing and certification, Qsources has successfully gained certification to ISO 9001:2015. The main feature of the ISO 9001 Quality Management system is offering a customer central approach including overall performance improvements and risk-based thinking. We at Qsources are proud to have gained this acknowledgement.


Qsources and Sage Technologies are pleased to start a new cooperation. Sage Technologies will distribute Qsources’ Infra-Qsources product range in the United States of America.

Sage Technologies is a manufacturer’s representative company specializing in sound and vibration testing. Sage Technologies was founded in 1989 and is headquartered in Manhattan Beach, California.

Peter van der Linden – Qsources – stated: “Bringing a new solution to the market, worldwide, is not obvious. Experts and consultants have to be able to find our sound excitation solutions and understand the potential for their work. We are excited to have Sage Technologies on board. Sage Technologies is already representing main manufacturers in the sound and vibration domain and is providing valuable training and support. This is the kind of partner we need in the USA to bring Infra-Qsources to the noise and vibration community.

Evro T Wee Sit – Sage Technologies – added: “Infra-Qsources products are a perfect fit within our overall portfolio of products and Qsources will help us to further support and service our customers in the field of building acoustics and industrial applications”

Information on Sage Technologies can be found under:

Further expansion of the Qsources worldwide distribution network: Marubun Corporation becomes authorized partner in Japan for Infra-Qsources products.

Qsources is pleased to announce a new partnership for the Japanese market with Marubun Corporation. Marubun Corporation, with headquarters in Tokyo, is a major trading company focused on the industry and R&D field based on electronics technology, providing the best products.

Peter van der Linden, managing director of Qsources, stated: “The Marubun Corporation positively surprised Qsources by their very thorough analysis of the products and preparation of the cooperation. Marubun Cooperation is a significant player on the Japanese market with a broad portfolio. We are even more convinced that the level of information and service that Marubun can provide to its customers is of significant value. It will allow he customers effective use of the Qsources sound sources and other products. We are very pleased to work with Maribun Coorporation and look forward to strong business within this important market”. 

Information on Marubun Corporation can be found under:


Qsources is expanding its presence in the Polish market thanks to a distribution partnership with EC Test Systems.

Qsources is pleased to announce a strong partnership for the Polish market. EC Test Systems Poland is a specialist in vibro-acoustic test and measurement equipment. 

As a highly specialised company, Qsources is constantly looking for opportunities of cooperation in the acoustics, noise and vibration field worldwide. We are very pleased to work together with EC Test Systems. As specialist in acoustic excitation products, the Infra-Qsources range will fit perfectly in their portfolio of strong brands.

more information about EC Test Systems can be found here:

Simcenter Qsources Q-ISH

A recent Siemens Simcenter blogpost discuses test-calibration of mode shapes. The test set-up includes Qsources Q-ISH integral shaker on the SimRod, a full electric sportscar at Siemens Simcenter. Control of the mode shapes allows modifications to increasing the range of a vehicle and optimizing the drivetrain.

Next to CAE based modal analysis the actual testing supports a balanced development.  However, testing can become expensive. The example of the Simcenter Qsources Q-ISH integral shaker shows that excitation and calculation can be performed in an easy and fast manner. The compact shaker can be attached and positioned easily under any inclination and has a patent protected self-aligning stinger-suspension system. This way the shaker can be mounted directly on the relevant excitation location.

Read more about this interesting test on the Siemens blog

FAMTECH becomes distribution partner for South-Korea

Qsources, leading in sound and vibration excitation technology, has signed a distribution agreement for the Infra-Qsources brand with Famtech for South Korea. Qsources continues to focus on expanding the Infra-Qsources range in more industries and markets though distribution with world-class companies.

Famtech is a leading company in Test and Analysis service and equipment founded in 1996. The Infra-Qsources range is a perfect fit in their portfolio of diverse measurement equipment.

“We are convinced that our state-of-the art sound sources, amplifiers and other excitation devices will be well accepted in the Korean market due to the customer’s demand for premium products in combination with service, support and education that Famtech offers.” Says Mr. van der Linden, Managing Director of Qsources.

more information about Famtech can be found here:

Qsources has exhibited at INTERNOISE 2019

Qsources has exhibited at DAGA 2019


Video: Qohm – lightweight omni-directional sound source 

A demonstration of Airborne Sound Insulation Measurement using Qsources
Qohm – extreme lightweight omnidirectional sound source – and Qam
measurement amplifier. The test is performed in cooperation with
PS-acoustics Belgium. The consultant is using a previous version of the
Qohm dodecahedron. The newer version includes upgrades however the
product specifications are identical.

Théâtre de Paris

We are very proud to see our Qohm lightweight omni-directional sound source being used for measurements at the historical Théâtre de Paris.
Congratulations to Altia Acoustique for this fantastic project.

Qsources Branding

Its time for rebranding within Qsources. As you already may have noticed, we’ve given our marketing tools a fresh new look and have renewed our product photo portfolio. Partners: please login to our Partner portal to download our latest materials

Alliantech exhibited at Enova, Paris..

Thanks to our French partner Alliantech for displaying our INFRA-QSOURCES range during Salon Enova which took place end of October in Paris. more information about this event can be found here:

Svantek exhibited at Acustica 2018

We thank our partner Svantek España, S.L. & its director Mr. Ignacio González for displaying our INFRA-QSOURCES range during ACUSTICA 2018 -X Congreso Ibérico de Acustica in Cadiz which took place end of October.

Vibrakustik exhibited at Acustica 2018

Thanks to our Danish partner and CEO Mr. Michael Trolle for displaying our Infra-Qsources range during Store Støjdag in Nyborn, the Danish “great noise day”.

Qsources exhibited together with AKRON during ISMA 

Qsources was present at ISMA, the conference on noise and vibration engineering held from 17th till 19th of September in Leuven, Belgium. The event attracted many international visitors, academics, researchers and other industry professionals. The conference covered interesting topics such as acoustic testing, active noise and vibration control, NVH, machinery noise & vibration, etc.Qsources showcased its Infra-Qsources product portfolio on the stand of Akron, its Benelux distribution partner. The collection of Qsources on display included:

  • Qohm: a Lightweight, high power omni-directional dodecahedron sound source of only 3,1kg and 26cm diameter, suitable for diverse applications due to its wide frequency range (50Hz-16kHz) and high sound power level (122dB).
  • Qohm2: a lightweight (1,3kg) Monopole omni-directional sound source with extreme precision, utmost suitable for acoustic measurements of performance sites and room acoustics as well as moderate transmission loss isolation testing. 
  • Qohm72: a Extreme level and lightweight omni-directional sound source suitable for large buildings, industrial road and railway or other sites with high background noise levels.
  • Qref: a Sound power reference source offering time efficiency and limited complexity in identification of sound power in any acoustic environment, in accordance with ISO 3747 and even beyond; meeting requirement of ISO 6926, This sound power reference source allows sine sweeps and any other signal, intended for reverband and semi-anechoic measurement site calibration, on site absorption testing, machine sound power identification and Statistical Energy Analysis (SEA) type of measurements of rooms. 
  • Qam: a Fully DSP controlled signal generator measurement amplifier with the ability to generate white noise & pink noise, including equalization function. Qam incorporates firmware designed to provide spectral equalization for each sound source. The low frequency equalizer allows the lowest third octave bands to be adapted to the measurement space.

For more information about the event please visit
We hope to see you at the next ISMA conference!

Euronoise 2018, the 11th European Congress and Exposition on Noise Control Engineering, was held in Crete May 27-31th.

Qsources was present at the Euronoise conference.The event attracted many visitors (>30 national acoustics societes) and many well-known academics gave readings about important and interesting subjects in the field of noise pollution, noise and vibration control, soundscape and other related topics.

Qsources exhibited their latest developments during Euronoise 2018 such as the ‘Qohm2’ monopole omni-directional source and the ‘Qref’ omni-directional reference. The benefits of Qref were well explained at the conference as Msc. Peter J.G. Van der Linden, owner of Qsources, presented the paper written together with Dr. M.C. Morariu of Morariu Consultancy (UK) about using a monopole sound power source to determine machinery sound power where on-site measurements often occur in non-ideal acoustic environments.
The reference power source method is attractive because of limited complexity and time efficiency. It can be applied in any circumstances, even when the acoustic environment is difficult as it improves accuracy and efficiency by using a small and omni-directional reference power source.
the ‘Qref’ can be used as a better alternative to current Power reference sources in machinery as well as room acoustics because it doesn’t require reverberation time.

More information and specifications of the Qref or Qohm2 can be found under the ‘infra-qsources products’ section of our website. If you would like to receive more information about the products or the paper presented during Euronoise, feel free to contact us.
For more information about the event please visit

The McGill university in Montreal Canada has a large set of Qohm sources installed with some dedicated equalization equipment.

In the recording research centre at McGill, the very light weight omni-directional sources are used in experiments to influence musicians during their performance recording using replay. And, a set of two of the same Qohm sources are also used when going over the world to investigate the acoustics of large performance sites with exceptional acoustic properties. See the 16 sources suspended over the recording area at McGill in the photo below.