Qtmp Thumper Shaker


The Simcenter Qsources hardware thumper shaker is a compact, lowfrequency shaker intended for frequency response function (FRF) acquisition in the 5- to 200-hertz (Hz) range. The shaker typically replaces instrumented sledgehammer applications, and is used when hammer excitation is not possible due to space constraints. The lack of any external support enables fast instrumentation, so there’s no longer any need to align the shaker, force sensor and test object. The shaker is mounted on a test structure or can be glued onto the test object in any orientation. Its lean design makes it possible to excite in narrow spaces around machinery. The force level makes it possible to apply it for modal analysis or other kinds of analysis to large structures, such as ships, windmills and industrial installations. It is used in automotive applications to measure quasi-static deformation of vehicle bodies.


  • Self-supporting shaker in any inclination, easy and efficient mounting.
  • Adjustable suspension allows application for frequencies from 5 Hz upwards
  • Unique small diameter with very long stroke for narrow access locations
  • Force levels to excite lager machinery like earth moving, railway, mining equipment, etc.
  • Internal force sensor with long term stable calibration
  • Low shaker mass, 800 gram, adapted to high mass test-objects.
  • Very low electromagnetic emission for nearby strain-gage frequency response functions 
  • Built-in mechanical, thermal and electric protections