Qmsh Miniature Shaker


Simcenter Qsources miniature shaker enables dynamic excitation when conventional shakers have no access and impact hammers are unpractical. This vibration exciter has an extremely low mass and stiffness loading of the test object due to its patented internal decoupling suspension. The miniature shaker is especially suitable for those who plan to perform experimental modal analysis (EMA), transfer path analysis (TPA) and/or frequency-based substructuring (FBS). The miniature shaker provides you with integrated force and acceleration transducers that allow you to quickly obtain driving point frequency response functions (FRFs). The shaker can be glued directly on the test structure, and needs no extra external support. Thanks to the patented internal suspension, the inert mass is dynamically decoupled from the test object and the force is always aligned along the internal stinger axis. This significantly improves the efficiency of testing by eliminating the support and  alignment work associated with conventional shaker testing.


  • Self-supporting and self-aligning internal suspension system for positioning in any inclination and hard-to-reach locations 
  • High force density allows application on engines, transmissions, compressors, white goods, ventilation systems, car bodies, support structures, etc. 
  • Very small dimensions for 50 to 5000 Hz frequency range
  • Under 10 gram mass loading, with broadband 2 Newton RMS force level
  • Allowing fast and accurate positioning and alignment for switching positions and good repeatability
  • Internal force sensor with long term stable calibration for all possible test-objects
  • Internal in-line accelerometer for driving point FRF, suitable for moderate mass and stiffness test-objects
  • With mechanical, electric, and temperature protection