Qmhf Mid High Frequency Volume Source


The Simcenter Qsources hardware midhigh frequency source is a general use monopole volume acceleration source with internal reference sensors to measure mid- and high-frequency frequency response functions (FRFs). Automotive original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) use these acoustic monopole sources for dedicated investigations, such as transfer path analysis (TPA), airborne source quantification (ASQ) and other noise, vibration and harshness (NVH) related measurements and analyses. These sources are also to used by full vehicle NVH departments for validation of the high-frequency sound package of a vehicle body. Engineers appreciate the accuracy and speed with which the reciprocal transfer functions can be measured, which enables the follow-up of the sound package during the vehicle development program. A dedicated optional positioning tool facilitates an accurate and tool free installation, maintaining the omnidirectional performance. The negligible diffraction makes it an accurate omni-directional sound source. The reference sensor is integrated at the aperture of the nozzle and is used to accurately measure volume acceleration. The sensor is practically independent from the acoustic environment where the source is used. Component suppliers in the industry use these sources to investigate vibroacoustic behavior of components such as engines, transmissions and air conditioning units. The sound source level in combination with the frequency range makes this source a versatile measurement device designed to meet the needs of NVH research and development departments.


  • Provides a high level of sound pressure with high-frequency monopole acoustic excitation
  • Negligible diffraction effects from the nozzle and tube with good omni-directionality up to 10000 Hz
  • Supports efficient acoustic- and vibro-acoustic transfer function measurements, using reciprocity if needed 
  • Integrated volume accelertion sensors for a source level signal with long-time stable calibration 
  • Highly suitable for airborne isolation testing, 150-10000 Hz in vehicles, railway, aircraft, white-good, encapsulations, etc. 
  • Modular tubes allow adapted frequency range and level
  • Built-in overload protections and optional mounting and positioning tool, Q-MPT-EPT available