Qish Integral Shaker

Simcenter /Q-ISH/2/20200114

The Simcenter Qsources hardware integral shaker is an excitation solution for measuring structural and vibroacoustic frequency response functions (FRF) in narrow spaces. The Simcenter Qsources integral shaker has been designed to excite a broad range of structures and allows for accurate FRF in narrow spaces. The force level is enough to excite full vehicles. Typical test objects are full vehicles, vehicle bodies, powertrains and drivelines, suspension systems, aircraft and railway bodies and systems, and machinery up to 10 meters (m) in length or 15,000 kilograms (kg) in weight. The Simcenter Qsources integral shaker enables a direct mounting on the test object without external support or the need for alignment. Thanks to the patented internal suspension, the inert mass is dynamically decoupled from the test object and the force is always aligned along the internal stinger axis. This significantly improves the efficiency of testing by eliminating the support and alignment work associated with conventional shaker testing.


  • Patented self-suspending and self-aligning suspension for 6 DOF decoupling from the test-object
  • Enables excitation for any mounting angle and in difficult-to-reach locations
  • Delivers 20-2000 Hz frequency range on a full vehicle or equivalent large test-object
  • Internal force sensor with long term stable calibration 
  • Patented in-line accelerometer provided for high resolution driving point frequency response functions 
  • Very low test-object coupled mass; 19 or 26 gram depending on configuration
  • Built-in mechanical, thermal and electric protections