Qhsh High Frequency Shaker


The Simcenter Qsources hardware high frequency shaker has been developed to perform highly repeatable, high-frequency structural excitation in a minimum of space. It provides excitation, but with extremely low mass and stiffness loading of the test object. The inert mass is decoupled from the stinger dynamically by means of internal suspension. This suspension keeps the inert mass well aligned in all orientations and significantly minimizes the mass rigidly coupled to the test object. The stinger is the base for the coil windings and is glued directly to the test object in the desired direction. The force generated is dictated by the stinger and thus is perpendicular to the surface. A single axis force sensor has been integrated in the inert mass. This enables users to acquire frequency response functions (FRF) accurately. Multiple stinger-coil assemblies can be attached to the test object to enable an efficient roving shaker excitation using one or more driver magnets with integrated force sensors. You can speed up data acquisition by using FRF with multiple shakers in parallel and uncorrelated signals. The shaker can be mounted inside assemblies and measurements can be performed when the test object is reassembled. To minimize the mass loading, the stinger is kept as small as possible while maintaining stiffness. The stinger is therefore also made replaceable to reduce downtime as much as possible. 


  • Extremely small dimensions for 500 to 10000 Hz frequency range
  • For any inclination of excitation
  • Internal force sensor with long term stable calibration
  • Patented 6 DOF dynamic decoupling from the test object
  • Under 3 gram mass loading, with 0.8 N RMS force level
  • Allowing fast and highly repeatable switching of excitation location
  • With mechanical, electric, and temperature protection