Qamp Measurement Amplifier


The Simcenter Qsources hardware measurement amplifier has been designed to power all Simcenter Qsources structural and acoustic exciters. The Bayonet Neill–Concelman (BNC) input and banana output connectors are chosen to match all Simcenter Qsources exciters. The amplifier provides a pop-free start-and stop control. Excessive heat is transferred to its housing, which serves as a heatsink. The absence of a ventilator makes it a low-noise amplifier, essential for acoustic measurements.


  • Compact light weight with high power density, up to 1 kW output.
  • Wide frequency range, 10-40000 Hz, with 0.5 dB amplification accuracy
  • Very low distortion and noise on the output power signal
  • Fanless, quiet in all operating conditions 
  • For all Simcenter Qsources hardware products