Structural excitation

Let’s shake things up

Shakers directly mounted onto the test-objects. No external supports, no alignment issues and no shifts in test-object modes. The Qsources internal suspension systems and the very low coupled mass allow Qsources shakers to be mounted directly onto test-objects. We have developed various patented solutions for self-supporting and self-aligning shakers. Within their working frequency range these do not disturb the natural vibration and noise emission behavior of the test-objects. Qsources is concentrating on very compact and self-supporting electro-dynamic shakers. 
With these shakers, highly efficient and accurate measurements have become possible even in limited tight spaces.
For higher frequencies and lighter structures, the very compact Q-msh, Qlws and Q-hsh shakers are most suitable.  The Q-hsh and Qlws shakers are the smallest self-supporting shakers on the market.
For larger structures, such as complete vehicles, busses, large aero engines, …. the Q-ish shaker covers the 20 to 2000 Hz frequency range.
For even larger heavier structures and very low frequency we propose the Q-tmp shaker.  With the approximate size of a coffee cup this allows excitation from 8 Hz upwards on for example ground moving equipment, wind turbine transmission,…
For structural impedance measurements the Q-ish and Q-msh shakers use a patented acceleration sensor integration.
Finally, for structure borne noise in buildings according to ISO standards, we propose a light weight tapping machine Q-tap.”

Qlws – LightWeightShaker

Qsources Qlws LightWeightShaker is a self-suspending, self-aligning dynamic decoupled electromagnetic shaker specifically developed to carry out consistent repeatable structural excitation in a limited space.

Qhsh – High frequency shaker

The Simcenter Qsources hardware high frequency shaker has been developed to perform highly repeatable, high-frequency structural excitation in a minimum of space. It provides excitation, but with extremely low mass and stiffness loading of the test object.

Qmsh – Miniature shaker

Simcenter Qsources miniature shaker enables dynamic excitation when conventional shakers have no access and impact hammers are unpractical. The miniature shaker is especially suitable for those who plan to perform experimental modal analysis (EMA), transfer path analysis (TPA) and/or frequency-based substructuring (FBS).

Qish – Integral shaker

The Simcenter Qsources hardware integral shaker is an excitation solution for measuring structural and vibroacoustic frequency response functions (FRF) in narrow spaces.

Qtrx – Integral Shaker Excitation Adaptor

The in-plane excitation adaptor, or Qtrx, is a smart extension of the structural exciter. It enables you to measure driving points accurately and efficiently, and structural and vibro-acoustic FRFs at locations with significant space constraints.

Qtmp – Thumper shaker

The Simcenter Qsources hardware thumper shaker is a compact, lowfrequency shaker intended for frequency response function (FRF) acquisition in the 5- to 200-hertz (Hz) range. The shaker typically replaces instrumented sledgehammer applications, and is used when hammer excitation is not possible due to space constraints.

Qtap – Lightweight battery powered tapping machine

Tapping machines are commonly used for noise transmission measurements such as test of general impact noise in dwellings in floors and stairs of buildings. Qsources Qtap is a remote controlled and battery powered tapping machine with a low weight of only 8.8 kg.

Qamp – Measurement amplifier (230V & 115V version available)

The Simcenter Qsources hardware measurement amplifier has been designed to power all Simcenter Qsources structural and acoustic exciters.

Qma – Single Channel Amplifier

The Qma measurement amplifier is specifically designed to power the Qlws LightWeightShaker.