Qohm Omni-directional sound source

The highly uniform sound radiation from the Qohm source allows controlled excitation of the acoustics of small and large sites, such as classical theaters, factory halls, schools, offices, apartments and machinery rooms. Thanks to the omni-directionallity of the Qohm sound source, as specified in ISO 16283, only a few measurement locations are needed in each space for typical airborne isolation and reverberation testing. The extreme light weight of 3.1 kg. and small dimensions allow fast and efficient work by a single consultant. With the smooth broadband spectrum at 122 dB Lw the level is more than sufficient from 50 to 16000 Hz. A high output at 50 Hz, 97 db Lw, also means that a separate subwoofer is not needed for all common measurement situations. 

Extreme lightweight
3.1 KG.

260 mm. Diameter
Compact tripod & soft carry case

1/3 octaves: 50-16000 Hz.
Broadband high output: 122 dB Lw

Work efficiency
Easy & fast set up by 1 single person

Exceeding the standards
ISO 140 / 3382 / 16283