Equipment Rental

Are you planning acoustic measurements and are you in need of high-level equipment?
Next to the Qohm – lightweight omni-directional dodecahedron speaker – we also offer sound sources suitable for very specific measurements such as:

Qoms2 is a next level monopole point source for broadband measurements with high accuracy. Measurements such as room impulse responses, Speech Transmission Index (STI) and reverberation time allow consultants to optimize the acoustics of performance sites (theaters, schools or religious sites)

Qoms1 is a unique small and lightweight hemispehere monopole point source for broadband measurements. Similar to its fully omni-directional variant Qoms2, the Qoms1 sound source can be used for acoustic optimization of performance sites such as theaters, schools or religious sites for speech and music.

Qref is a unique sound source for regular verification of acoustic rooms for product testing, machinery testing, anechoic rooms, reverberant rooms.
Another main application for this product is sound power identification on-site of for example installed machinery or larger installations.

Advantages of equipment rental:

  • Impress your clients using state-of-the art equipment
  • Use the most lightweight equipment: no worries taking your equipment on-site & enjoy the easy set-up
  • Try Qsources sound sources & amplifiers for your project prior to purchase
  • Use specific, “niche” measurement equipment for projects you don’t have to do on a routine basis
  • Comply to – and exceed- the ISO standards for your acoustic measurement+

Qsources offers Infra-Qsources product rental for selected regions.

Rental fees are calculated daily and start from the receipt after shipment.
The equipment should be returned the day after the last rental day.

Please request your rental product via below contact form

    Upon submission you will receive a rental quotation.
    Please also review our complete Rental terms & Condions here.