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HEAD acoustics expands its portfolio with Qsources structural excitation solution

HEAD acoustics, one of the world’s leading providers of holistic solutions for sound and vibration analysis, today announced that thanks to specific cooperation with Qsources, it can now include the Qsources Qlws lightweight shaker and dedicated amplifier Qma for its solution offering world-wide.

This comprises an interesting and significant extension of the HEAD acoustics’ product portfolio by offering a total solution of structural excitation, data acquisition and analysis software.

“We continuously develop our hardware and software to provide our customers with advanced holistic solutions. Thus, expanding our portfolio with a Qsources shaker is a natural step. The Qlws lightweight shaker ensures the efficient and accurate acquisition of transfer functions and supports both modal and transfer path analyses. This more profound understanding of vibration characteristics is the basis for optimizing the sound quality of our customers’ products,” says Dr.-Ing. Aulis Telle, Managing Director Sound, Vibration and Perception at HEAD acoustics.

Qsources, located in Belgium, is focusing on both structural and airborne smart excitation technology. The sensor integrated and patented excitation solutions are used in various challenging applications. Across automotive, medical, aero-space, household, room acoustics,… various application domains are covered. Through its solutions, and way of working, Qsources hopes to contribute to a comfortable, healthy and safe environment. 

The Qsources Qlws lightweight shaker is a patented self-suspending, self-aligning dynamic decoupled electromagnetic shaker specifically developed to carry out consistent repeatable structural excitation in a limited space. The Qlws shaker combined with the dedicated Qma single channel amplifier allows consistent, repeatable and accurate transfer function and data acquisition.

“We at Qsources are excited to support HEAD acoustics with this excitation solution. The worldwide contacts and the expertise of HEAD acoustics enable us to reach professionals working on improving the sound of their products. Many kinds of devices, machines, and objects surrounding us could benefit from the diagnostic and optimization techniques based on transfer function data. Working with HEAD acoustics, Qsources can bring accurate and efficient vibration excitation as part of the solution.” adds Peter van der Linden, founder and managing director at Qsources.

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