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Infra-Qsourcesproducts provide solutions for efficient on-site acoustic testing for the well being infactories, schools, theaters, houses, any working environment. The product range includes lightweight omni-directional sources, low frequency sources and sound power reference sources as well as powerful amplifiers.
Qsources’ products integrate state-of the art driver and sensor technology for highly portable, accurate and very powerfulland innovative sound sources. InsightintoQsources’ unique driver technology can be foundinbelowvideo:

The Infra-Qsources portfolio consists of:
Qohm  –  Extreme lightweight, high power dodecahedron sound source

The highly uniform sound radiation from the Qohm source allows controlled excitation of the acoustics of small and large sites, such as classical theaters, factory halls, schools, offices, apartments and machinery rooms.
Thanks to the omni-directionallity of the sound source, as specified in ISO 16283, only a few measurement locations are needed in each space for typical airborne isolation and reverberation testing. The extreme light weight of 3.1 kg. and small dimensions allow fast and efficient work by a single consultant.
With the smooth broadband spectrum at 122 dB Lw the level is more than sufficient from 50 to 16000 Hz. A high output at 50 Hz, 97 db Lw, also means that a separate sub-woofer is not needed for all common measurement situations. Qsources Qohm sound sources are a must for every acoustic industry professional who wants to perform acoustic tests of rooms to make recommendations on placement of absorption materials creating the correct acoustic balance or to test the acoustical properties of a building materials.
It is advised, but not obligatory, to combine the Qohm with a Qam power amplifier for maximum performance and reliability.

Weight 3.1 kg
Broadband high output 122 dB Lw
Frequency range in third octave bands 50-16000 Hz
Diameter 260mm

Download Datasheet Qohm

Qoms2  – Monopole omni-directional sound source

Qoms2 is a next level monopole point source for broadband measurements with high accuracy. Measurements such as room impulse responses, Speech Transmission Index (STI) and reverberation time allow consultants to optimize the acoustics of performance sites such as theaters,schools or religious sites for speech and music.
The exact identification and optimization of early and late reflections allow acoustic experts the correction and optimization of existing sites.
The reliable measurements from Qoms2 – as well as Qoms1- can be used to correlate and improve the acoustic models with the purpose of supporting healthy acoustics of new projects already in the design phase.
The smooth broadband spectrum of 50-16000 Hz and output level of 110 dB Lw is more
than sufficient for acoustics measurements in any large space. The smooth approximation of spherical radiation, even in the highest octave bands, is unique and far superior to dodecahedron based sources. Qoms2 offers a step up for accurate room acoustic measurements. With a weight of 1.3 kg and compact size, this highly efficient sound source can be effortlessly taken on-site for fast and accurate measurements.

Weight 1.25 kg
Broadband high output 110 dB Lw
Frequency range in third octave bands 50-16000 Hz
Diameter 106mm

Download Datasheet Qoms2

Qoms1  – Monopole omni-directional hemisphere sound source

Qoms1 is a unique small and lightweight hemispehere monopole point source for broadband measurements. Similar to its fully omni-directional variant Qoms2, the Qoms1 sound source can be used for acoustic optimization of performance sites such as theaters,schools or religious sites for speech and music.
A smooth broadband spectrum of 50-16000 Hz and output level of 109 dB Lw allow measurement in large spaces, while the hemispherical characteristic make Qoms1 the ideal source for measurements from surfaces such as walls, ceilings or subjects such as machinery. The Qoms1 includes a flexible base for easy placement on a flat surface while using this surface (e.g. walls or ceilings) as a reflector.
Thanks to its extreme lightweight of 0.9 kg and very compact size, the Qoms1 omni-directional hemisphere source offers a highly efficient alternative to current hemi-dodecahedron loudspeakers as it can be more easily placed and suspended anywhere.


0.9 kg.

Broadband high output

109 dB Lw

Frequency range in third octave bands

50-16000 Hz



Download Datasheet Qoms1

Qref  –  Monopole sound power reference source

Sound power reference sources are the calibrators for the acoustics of spaces whilst they are used to determine sound power identification. Qref is a unique sound source for regular verification of acoustic rooms for product testing, machinery testing, anechoic rooms, reverberant rooms.
Another main application for this product is sound power identification on-site of for example installed machinery or larger installations. The small size, weight and signal control on the Qsources Qref make it specially suitable for is this type of sound power identification in difficult spaces. Exceeding ISO 3747; Qref allows an even more accurate identification with multiple positions on all the test-object faces or surfaces. Qref can also be applied for Statistical Energy Analysis (SEA) type of measurements of rooms, halls, other acoustically coupled systems and other airborne excitation applications.

Weight 1.1 kg
Broadband high output 96 dB Lw
Frequency range in third octave bands 100-5000 Hz
Diameter 106mm

Download Datasheet Qref

Qmir – unique sound power reference point source

The Qmir is a very compact power reference monopole source with high acoustic impedance. The small size of the Qsources Qmir make it especially suitable as a reference for large-count antenna measurements. The 20.5 mm. diameter allows a verification of the geometrical resolution down to +- 3cm. Next to this, the soundpower proportional signal allows a unique verification of the level identification through the antenna sensors, hardware and software processing.
Beside the standardized sound power reference applications, the compact size and frequency range make this source attractive for airborne power insertion in spaces or enclosed volumes for Statistical Energy Analysis (SEA). Measurement rooms and even small noise emission test-beds can be calibrated using Qmir. Test set-ups include regular verification of product testing or machinery testing, smaller an-echoic cabins and smaller reverberant cabins.
Qmir is highly suitable for in-situ sound power identification in difficult or narrow spaces. The ISO 3747 procedure can easily be applied and the product even allows a more accurate identification with multiple positions on all the test-object faces or surfaces.


0.07 kg.

Broadband high output

80 dB SPL Pink Noise

Frequency range in third octave bands




Download Datasheet Qmir

Qam  –  Fully DSP Controlled sound power amplifier

Qam is suitable for noise and vibration measurements with a very high power/ weight ratio for maximum portability and a straightforward, easy to use button operation. It includes an internal white/pink noise signal generator.

Weight 2.4 kg
Max. Power output 950 Watt
Frequency range 20-40000Hz
Dimensions 245 x 190 x 90 mm
Internal noise generator √ white + pink Noise
External signal √ max. 1 Volt pk-pk
Equalization function

Download Datasheet Qam

Qca  –  Compact measurement amplifier with high power & low weight

Combining 0.9kg weight with up to 250 Watt output in a small robust housing, Qca is an extremely compact sound power amplifier with a high power/ weight ratio for maximum portability. 

Weight 0.9 kg
Max. Power output 250 Watt
Frequency range 10-50000HZ +0/-3 dB
Dimensions 240 x 105 x 55 mm

Download Datasheet Qca